Motif XS

These downloadable voice libraries have been created for the Motif XS and will arrive in a .zip file with a .pdf manual. Copy the unzipped file(s) onto a USB stick for transfer to your Motif.

The standard format is an ALL file (.XOA), which contains all the component parts of the library in one easy-to-load delivery. All Voice banks or individual Voices may be loaded from within an ALL file if you wish.

Many of these libraries contain new samples. A standard Motif XS does not have any sample memory. Sample memory can also be purchased from this site.

A library created specifically for the Motif XS

Library Type: S A library that uses samples
Library Type: W A library that uses the Motif’s internal WAVEROM and does not use nor require any sample memory

If you would like your voices delivered on a USB Memory Stick add one to your basket in the same order. You will still have immediate access to the downloads, and we will provide you with you access if you experience data loss.

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