Motif ES/MO Patterns

Available For: Motif ES and MO6/8
Format: Native Pattern format [.w7p]

These loop libraries are in native Motif ES Pattern format. This gives you instant access to Instrumental parts, loops, drumbeats and more, that you can play over, or use as the basis for your own songs and grooves on a Motif ES or MO 6/8.

As native ES Patterns they will loop and call up appropriate sounds immediately on the Motif ES. Load, hit ‘play,’and start having fun. M0 6/8 voice banks are laid out slightly differently than the ES so some of the voicings may be different.

The basic content was initially released in .MID format as a Twiddly.Bits MIDI Sample Library. Each download also contains a set of the original MIDI Sample files [.MIDs] so you can also use this material in your DAW.