Garritan GPO Lite For Motif XS/XF

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Garritan GPO Lite For Motif XS/XF

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Product Description

Orchestral Instrument sound library (S)

* Format: ALL (.X3A)
* Name: Garritan Strings XF.n3.X3A, GPO Brass&PipeOrgan.n3.X3A, GPO SoloWwind&Brass.n4.X3A, Vintage EPBass&Har.n3.X3A
* Size: 124.5MB, 120.9MB, 121.7MB, 109.2MB
* Voices: Approx. 32 per ALL file
* Performances: 0
* Bank loads to: User Bank 4
* Other versions: Motif XS

A version of Garritan's classic GPO4 orchestral sound library formatted for Motif XS and XF.

Garritan is an industry leader in orchestral sound libraries and this a version of their current top line product GPO4, helpfully saved as four separate ALL Files so that all Motif XF users can access these sounds even without a Flashboard installed.

The four loads comprise Strings, Solo Woodwind and Brass, Section Brass and Pipe Organ, and Keyboard/Percussion.

Each of these top level categories contains multiple samples and up to 32 Voices based upon them. Although the Motif platform may not let you access the range of interactive articulations that have using the standalone GPO on a DAW, use of Assignable Function controls, plus the basic expressivity of the Motif keyboard means that the experience of using these excellent sounds is a joy.

Although the Motif XF contains many orchestral voices itself, the Garritan library fills in a number of important gaps plus gives you compelling alternatives along with many different articulations and dynamics.

Brass and woodwind is the strongest component of this library, from solo versions of all key instruments - French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone - to section horns, clusters, chamber versions and more.

The Strings, too, are worth the price of admission alone with a large number of solo and section timbres that will add a new level of authenticity to your orchestrations on the Motif platform.

While the individual four ALL File loads will let you load each bank separately without have a Flashboard installed on your Motif, serious composers or arrangers should definitely purchase one or more Flashboards in order that this entire library can be called upon simultaneously.

Strongly recommended.

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