Electric Grand for Motif XF

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Electric Grand for Motif XF

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Electric Grand Song

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Product Description

Electric Grand Piano Sound Library (S)

* Format: ALL (.XOA)
* Name: ElectricGrand.XOA
* Size: 434 MB
* SDRAM OK: No (requires 512MB Flash minimum 1 GB recommended)
* Voices: 16
* Performances: 0
* Bank loads to: User Bank 4
* Other versions: Motif XS

Featuring the sound of the world’s most popular electric grand piano, the vintage 1980’s electro-acoustic Yamaha CP80, DCP productions 434MB “Electric Grand” library for the Motif XF features 14 CP voices, including a “studio” version, a detuned CP80, and CP80 through various classic effects that are often associated with it – flanger, phaser, Fairchild compressor, tremolo, auto-pan, analog tape saturation, aural exciter, amp distortion, echo, and ring-modulated. A bonus Baldwin Electropiano voice and Kawai Electric Grand voice are also included.

The goal was to create a virtual electric grand instrument that sounded and felt like the real thing, with user-adjustable components such as string inharmonics, harp resonance, mechanical key-off noise, and hammer hardness. No other electric grand sound library in existence offers this kind of control over the piano sound.

A 20-page PDF manual with color illustrations and electric grand piano history is included in the download.

“Electric Grand” uses new samples and therefore requires the installation of a 512MB flashboard in your Motif XF (1 GB of flash memory is recommended).

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