B's Knees for Motif XF

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B's Knees for Motif XF

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Product Description

"B3" Organ library (W)

* Format: ALL (.n3.X3A)
* Name: B's Knees XF.n3X3A
* Size: No samples used
* Voices: 128
* Performances: 8
* Bank loads to: User Bank 4
* Other versions: Motif XS, Motif ES, Motif

The premier vintage organs library from DCP Productions is now available for the Motif XF!

Every organ voice in the library has been examined, analyzed, and re-programmed in great detail to recreate every nuance of the Hammond ® organ sound - from the grind, wheeze, whirl and sputter of the authentic Leslie ® speaker emulations, to the electromagnetic buzz and “leakage” of the tonewheels, to keyclick on and keyclick off noises . Organ voices feature selectable chorus/vibrato switches, controllable horn/rotor balance, plate reverb control and more.

Included are recreations of famous classic rock and soul B3 sounds – such as the distinctive organ from Booker T.’s “Green Onions”, Procul Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale”, Sugarloaf’s “Green-Eyed Lady”, Deep Purple’s “Smoke On the Water”, Keith Emerson’s “Tarkus” sound, Argent’s “Hold Your Head Up” organ, organ sounds from the Zombies, Styx, Foreigner, Yes, and other classic artists. Included are several new voices not found in previous versions of B’s Knees., as well as 8 organ Performances for jamming.

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