Sonic Reality Drum Masters XS Classic Kits 4 Pack

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Sonic Reality Drum Masters XS Classic Kits 4 Pack

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MP3 Demos

Classic 16 Beat

Classic Funky

Classic Solo

Gretsch 16 Beat

Gretsch Funky

Gretsch Solo

JB Sonor 16 Beat

JB Sonor Funky

JB Sonor Solo

Motown 16 Beat

Motown Funky

Motown Solo

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Product Description

Classic Drum Kits (S)

* Format: ALL (.X0A)
* Name: Classic Kits XS.X0A
* Size: MB.
* Voices:
* Performances:
* Bank loads to: User Bank
* Other versions: 0

Sonic Reality Drum Masters XS Classic Kits 4 Pack includes four unique sounding, multi-sampled drum sets, including:

Classic Rock Kit: A DW Pacifica “Classic Rock” drum kit recorded with snares in a unique stone live room with a Yamaha Sub Kick. This kit has a unique edge, with a higher pitched snare that cuts through the mix. Great for classic 1970’s and 1980’s rock.

Motown Kit: Gretsch drum kit recorded with snares in a medium sized room in the same style as classic Soul and R&B records from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Gretsch Kit: Gretsch kit in the style of legendary drummer Phil Collins recorded in Pasadena, Calif. at Mower Studios with progressive rock drummer Nick D’Virgilio. The sound of this kit replicates the style of early 1980's Phil Collins and Genesis.

JBSonor Kit: Sonor drum kit recorded in Miami during the same Drum Masters sessions done with R&B/fusion/pop/hip hop drummer John Blackwell (Prince, Justin Timberlake). This kit, played with snares on, features a Yamaha Sub Kick for deep bass tones and extra Earthworks room mics mixed in for added depth. It is an inspiring modern kit that is diverse for use in many musical styles from Classic to Modern Rock.

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory.

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