Majestic Pipes - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif XS

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Majestic Pipes - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif XS

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Prelude Fugue in G M...

Toccata Fugue in D M...

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Product Description

Re-engineered for the Motif XS, this library features 64 pipe organ voices utilizing 72 MB of new samples. Franz Pusch of VR Sound recorded the gigantic 4-manual, 92-rank McLane Pipe Organ, located at Baylor University in Texas, in full 24-bit binaural sound for this collection.

Voices include many popular organ registrations and tab settings, such as Great, Swell, Positif, Mixture, Flutes, Clarion, Clarinet, Trumpet,Vox Humana, Carillon, Diapason and more. A variety of Full organ sounds are also present, suitable for playing Bach's “Toccata and Fugue in D minor”, the “Phantom of the Opera” and classic rock pipe organ parts from Yes, ELP and others. You can literally hear the air rushing through the pipes in this “majestic” collection of essential pipe organ sounds for your Motif XS.

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