Instant Symfonika - Voice Bank for the Motif XS

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Instant Symfonika  - Voice Bank for the Motif XS

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Product Description

Multi-layered orchestral soundscapes (S)

* Format: ALL (.X0A)
* Name: Instant Symphonika.X0A
* Size: 122MB
* Voices: 10
* Performances: None
* Bank loads to: User Bank 3
* Other versions: Motif XF, MOXF

Instant Symfonika is part of the unique ‘Instant Score’ sound and loop library from SoundWave run by the revered sound designer Arne Schulze.

Rather than offer static sounds that you have to ‘play,’ Instant Score libraries have already been brought to life as multi-textured loops and performances. Within each library every voice or loop works perfectly with its neighbors, enabling you to mix and match textures and tone colors, drones, loops, and beats so you can play or record an ‘instant score.’

Don’t be put off by there being just 10 voices in the Instant Symphonika collection. Each offers multi-layered Orchestral FX’s, Beds and Cinematic Drones individually mapped over a 5 octave range, giving you endless symphonic possibilities for your quick instant score needs.

The collection inclines towards dramatic orchestral loops good for intense, suspenseful, thriller, or action scenes. Each loop has a couple different iterations, usually moving up by minor thirds (so you get a few different keys of each loop). They have an old-Hollywood sound to them, reminiscent of Bernard Hermann.

Please Note: As a sample library, DIMM memory is required in order to load into the Motif XS.

Interested in a package deal?

If you are planning on purchasing several libraries in the Instant Score collection we are pleased to offer a package deal on all six libraries for just $300. You can get this massive saving right away, or you can purchase one or two libraries individually and then pick up the remaining titles and we will just charge you the balance of $300. If you are purchasing piecemeal please contact KEYFAX NewMedia on 1-800-752-2780 or by email at to arrange payment and delivery.

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