Digital Sound Factory Motif XS Performer

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Digital Sound Factory Motif XS Performer

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Electric Pianos


Strings and Choirs


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Product Description

"Live Performance sound library (S)

* Format: Voice / Editor (.X0V/.X0E)
* Name: Digital Sound Factory Motif XS Performer.X0V
* Size: 510 MB
* Voices: 255
* Performances: 0
* Bank loads to: User Bank 3
* Other versions:

Load up your XS with the sounds that will make YOU sound great!!!!

Digital Sound Factory Motif XS Performer is designed for the most demanding musician. Each instrument is high quality and true to the original, and when combined with the Motif’s incredible sound engine, the sonic fidelity is out of this world.

This amazing sound set includes a Steinway Grand Piano, meticulously recorded to capture the true realism and expressivity of a real acoustic piano. The classic Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos are velocity layered, so when you dig into the keyboard, you get the response you expect. There’s also a very fine Clavinet that will ignite your funk power. The OB-Xa, Prophet, Moog, Juno, and Jupiter synths fill fat pads and leads with rich analog frequencies. Mellotron strings and voices float your tracks. To top it off, there’s also a real orchestra for layering with all the keys and synths. XS Performer provides players with high quality replications of the real instrument. These sounds are a ‘must have’ and will take your Motif XS to a whole new dimension.

While the MOTIF XS ROM-Waves had to use very short loops because of limited ROM-space, this product has no limitations. The samples and loops are much longer than the preset-waves, which allows for a much more realistic sound. Each instrument has been multi-sample/multi-layer recorded, processed, and mapped to the Motif’s integrate synthesizer parameters for ultimate playability. From the studio, to the gig, the XS Performer sound set will outperform all the rest.

Included are grand piano, electric pianos, organs, synths, pads, leads, synth basses, strings, voices, combinations, and more.

Steinway Grand
Rhodes EP
Wurlitzer EP
B3 (122 & 145 Leslies)
Mellotron Men
Mellotron Women
Mellotron Strings
Prophet 10
Mini Moog
Juno 60
Jupiter 8
Mini Moog
Tauras Bass
Symphonic Strings
& More

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory for a Motif XS, or Flash Memory for the Motif XF.

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