Symphonic Suite for Motif XS, XS Rack, XF, and MOX

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Symphonic Suite for Motif XS, XS Rack, XF, and MOX

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Tenor Sax

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Product Description

"Orchestral Strings library (V)

* Format: Voice / Editor (.X0V//X0E)
* Name: GVL_SymphonicSuite.X0V
* Size: No samples used
* Voices: 140
* Performances: 0
* Bank loads to: User Bank 3
* Other versions:

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140 new voices that span all the major orchestral tone colors, from
piano to strings, brass, woodwind, percussion and more.

6 Pianos
1 Harpsichord
1 Pipe Organ
1 Harp (with glisses on AF 1&2) )
2 Acoustic guitars (one with strumming)
67 Strings (solo and ensemble)
19 Brass (solo and section)
12 Sax (solo and section)
16 Woodwind (solo and section)
1 Bass Drum
1 Snare Drum
1 Cymbals
1 Timpani
9 Mallets
1 Choir
1 Orchestra Hit

The programming team has used the Motif XS’s sophisticated
articulation options (AF function, ribbon, and Assignable Controllers)
to recreate the nuances of these acoustic instruments. EG:

Voice: Violin
Soft playing: Slow Attack
Hard playing: Hard Attack (with added bow noise)
AF 1: Spiccato
AF2: Pizzicato
Legato mode is on when you play legato
Assign 1: Tremolo
Assign 2: Volume

The power of this collection lies not only in its inventive use of
Motif controllers (especially on XS/XF models) but also that it requires no additional samples and thus loads instantly and does not require sample memory.

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