Mo Skool 2 for Motif XF

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Mo Skool 2 for Motif XF

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Product Description

Hip Hop loop library (S)

* Format: ALL (.X3A)
* Name: MoSkool2 XF.n2.X3A
* Size: 111 MB
* SDRAM OK: Yes. (Individual loads: 72.5 MB Drumkits, 60.2 MB Voices, 38.1 MB Patterns - X3P)
* Voices: 128
* Performances: 0
* Bank loads to: User Bank 3 / Performance Bank XXX
* Other versions: Motif, Motif ES

Remastered for the Motif XF, “MO SKOOL 2 XF” includes 128 voices, 32 new user drumkits, and 29 pattern templates with pre-sliced audio grooves that can be played at any tempo. Urban grooves and beats, sounds, and FX are included, for rap, hip-hop, r&b, techno, dance, chillout, glitch, electronica – any style of music that calls for cutting edge rhythmic textures and sounds.

“MO SKOOL 2 XF” is a huge step up from the original “MO SKOOL” library developed by DCP Productions for the Yamaha Motif Classic and Motif ES synthesizers. Featuring over 111 MB of new samples (the original Mo Skool included only 4 MB) , MO SKOOL 2 goes where no other sound library for the Motif synthesizers has gone before. Complete mixed and mastered audio beats are now available in VOICE mode, for “one-touch” playback. No knowledge of beat-making is required – just press a key, and a beat or groove starts.

Don’t have a flashboard installed on your XF? No problem – the “MO SKOOL 2 XF” download package includes versions for Motif XF’s with no flashboard, as well as a “Flash” version.

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