Vintage Keys - Voice Bank for Yamaha Classic/Motif ES/Rack/Rack ES/MO6/MO8

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Vintage Keys - Voice Bank for Yamaha Classic/Motif ES/Rack/Rack ES/MO6/MO8

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Product Description

DCP Production's eagle-eyed look at the world's most influential keyboard sounds that have helped shape many classic rock tracks over the past 25 years, Vintage Keys comprises128 of these classic vintage keyboard voices. Whether you need retro synths for modern dance or need to land a gig in a Pink Floyd cover band this collection will steer you right.

From the opening (Oberheim) chords of Van Halen's Jump, to Rush's Tom Sawyer to classic Floyd ramblings from Dark Side Of The Moon, this collection is packed with synth, piano, and organ patches for Motif that will be invaluable both for the player who wants to play classic rock material, or for someone who simply likes this type of no-nonsense, up-front 'vintage' keyboard sound.

While Motif is hardly short on good imitative keyboard sounds, Vintage Keys affords the opportunity to really study the many permumations of, say, the Fender Rhodes pianos - the different models, amplifcation, FX, even different types of hammer and tine. Plus, since this collection doesn't have to run the gauntlet of in-store demos, these sounds are not swamped in reverbs or FX just to 'pretty them up.' This is real programming; you can decide how to place them in your tracks, which effects to add etc.

Spanning pianos (Rhodes, Wurlies, Clavs etc), synths (Moog's, Oberheims, Prophet), and transistor organs, Vintage Keys lets you tap into a whole heap of classic keyboard sounds without a) having to sample them, or b) having to deal with the reality of actually owning and using one.

User Reviews:
“Vintage Keys is a great collection. There are plenty of fantastic EPs in there, particularly Rhodes and Wurly's, and the vintage synth sounds are excellent.”

“I bought Vintage Keys for the great sounding analog mono synths. And the patch is great!”

"My band is letting me do an intro before a Pink Floyd cover we do ... and wouldn't ya know its "On the Run"... when they heard me play it they were floored, to say the least.... vintage keys has 2 voices for this song that I used. ... thanks a bunch DCP for making me sound cool!”

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