Motronix - Voice Bank for Yamaha Classic/Motif ES/Rack/Rack ES/MO6/MO8

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Motronix - Voice Bank for Yamaha Classic/Motif ES/Rack/Rack ES/MO6/MO8

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Product Description

From Dave Polich's DCP stable, Motronix is designed primarily to provide rhythmic soundscapes and sounds combining electronic and percussion timbres, all served up in a wide variety of exotic and intense effects processing. Controllers such as mod wheel, pitch bend and assignable knobs are often routed to several destinations at once, resulting in a large variety of tonal changes per voice.

Many of these sounds are hard to classify or describe - disturbing, metallic, brooding, slicing, pulsing, dissolving, talking are some of the adjectives that come to mind.

The sounds in Motronix also lend themselves to hip-hop, rock, ambient, techno, trip-hop musical genres as well as (obviously) film, television, and game soundtracks. In fact, anytime you need what can only be loosely described as "some sort of weird synth" textures, Motronix is the place to find them.

Mo'Gates, KEYFAX's MIDI gates collection was used to aid and abet the creation of this collection.

User Comments

“Really awesome, did I say awesome?!”

"THE voice set for hard in your face, industrial, and Electronica IMO. Fantastic set there Dave!!!”

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