Orchestral Strings - Voice Bank for Yamaha Classic/Motif ES

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Orchestral Strings - Voice Bank for Yamaha Classic/Motif ES

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Hall Strings

Rock Hard Strings

Scary Strings

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Product Description

This library consists of 64 new user voices, utilizing almost 50 megabytes of new string samples. Every effort has been made to present the widest variety of string sounds, including the major string performance styles such as Legato, Maracto, Spicato, and Arco. The library includes large hall strings, small sections, solo instruments, string effects voices, and even mellotron-style and analog string ensemble voices and string effects.

Because the file size is approximately 50mb, you will need a Motif with a user RAM expanded (64 megabytes for a Motif, at least 512 for a Motif ES).

The sampling for this library was originally done by Franz Pusch of VR Sound Productions, utilizing a proprietary binaural recording method which employs a precisely measured dummy head and precision audiophile microphones attached one on each side of the head where the human ears are located. Original recording was done at 24-bit, 96khz. The result of the binaural recording method is a "you are there" sense of realism because the sound is heard, as a human being would actually perceive it.

Programming of the string voices was done by Dave Polich of DCP Productions. Dave has been a longtime contributor to programming for Yamaha keyboard and sampler products, having done many of the factory set voices for the Motif.

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