Brass - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif ES/Classic

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Brass - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif ES/Classic

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Product Description

The samples were originally recorded at 24-bit, 96khz into the Radar hard disk recording system by Franz Pusch of VR sound. Franz uses a proprietary binaural recording method, whereby two audiophile microphones are attached to a dummy human head. This recording method results in a much more realistic stereo image because the sound is captured as a human being would hear it. A "you are there" quality to the sound is perceived.

In the case of recorded brass sections, the stereo image of the sections is preserved as well. For example, Trumpet sections, trombone sections, french horn sections all maintain their proper panning.

The 64 voices for this soundbank were programmed by Dave Polich, who has been a longtime sound programmer for Yamaha, Alesis, EMU and other manufacturers.

Complete Voice Listing:
A1 - 1st Trumpet
A2 - 1st Trombone
A3 - VR Tenor (tenor sax sound)
A4 - VR Alto (alto saxophone sound)
A5 - VR Soprano (soprano saxophone sound)
A6 - VR BariSax (baritone sax sound).
A7 - TrptMute 1 (muted trumpet).
A8 - ClsscTrmpt (trumpet sound for classical music)
A9 - FrHorn (French Horn)
A10 - Baritone (Baritone horn sound)
A11 - VR Tuba
A12 - Alto 2 (Alto sax variation)
A13 - Tenor Sax2 (tenor sax variation)
A14 - Tenor Sax3 (tenor sax variation)
A15 - Smoky Alto ("late night in an alley" breathy alto sax)
A16 - TrombonMut (muted trombone sound)
B1 - PiccloTrpt (piccolo trumpet)
B2 - TrptMute 2 (muted trumpet variation)
B3 - Tuba 2 (Tuba variation)
B4 - Trombone 2 (trombone variation)
B5 - Trombone 3 (trombone variation)
B6 - FlugelSolo (flugelhorn sound)
B7 - Cornet
B8 - Bugle
B9 - Growl Sax 1 ("dirty,growling" sax sound, growl comes in on harder velocities)
B10 - Growl Sax 2 (growl sax variation)
B11 - Growl Sax 3 (growl sax variation)
B12 - Stan (breathy tenor sax, "Stan Getz" style)
B13 - Soprano 2 (soprano sax variation)
B14 - BassTrombn (bass trombone sound)
B15 - ClscTrpt 2 (classicla trumpet variation, for classical and orchestral music)
B16 - Solo Horn (orchestral solo horn sound with "swelling" volume character)
C1 - Big Band 1 (big band ensemble sound, trumpets, trombones, tenor and alto saxes)
C2 - Big Band 2 (trumpets, trombones, tenor saxes)
C3 - Big Band 3 (trumpets, trombones, tenor saxes, variation)
C4 - Big Band 4 (trumpets and saxes in octaves)
C5 - Big Band 5 (trumpets, trombones, tenor and alto saxes, in octaves)
C6 - Big Band 6 )trumpets, trombones, tenor saxes playing a 5th interval)
C7 - Big Band 7 (baritone and tenor saxes, trumpet, playing octaves).
C8 - Big band 8 (trumpets, trombones, alto saxes, unison)
C9 - PowrBrass (powerful Unison brass ensemble sound)
C10 - BrassFall (brass fall sound; fall occurs at harder velocity)
C11 - Sfzndo 1 (sforzando or "swelling" brass sound)
C12 - Sfzndo 2 (sforzando brass variation)
C13 - Sfzndo 3 (sforzando brass variation)
C14 - Sfzndo 4 (sforzando brass variation)
C15 - 2 Tenors (2 tenor saxes)
C16 - 2tnrs2alto (2 tenor saxes, 2 alto saxes).
D1 - 3 Altos (3 alto saxophones)
D2 - TenrAltoBar (tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax)
D3 - 2tnrs2alt2 (2 tenor saxes, 2 alto saxes, variation)
D4 - SaxChord (saxophones playing a chord, works for swing music)
D5 - Trombones (trombone section)
D6 - Trumpets (trumpet section)
D7 - FrnchHorns (French Horn section)
D8 - Smlsection (small classical or "chamber" brass)
D9 - OrchBrss 1 (large brass orchestra sound)
D10 - OrchBrss 2 (large brass orchestra, variation)
D11 - OrchBrss 3 (large brass orchestra, variation)
D12 - OrchBrss 4 (large brass orchestra, variation)
D13 - OrchBrss 5 (large brass orchestra, variation)
D14 - LoBrass (bass brass instruments, for orchestral music)
D15 - Fanfare 1 (orchestral brass chord)
D16 (Fanfare 2 (orchestral brass chord, variation)

This Voice Bank requires Memory Expansion

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