Bolder Piano Collection - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif 'classic'

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Bolder Piano Collection - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif  'classic'

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Yamaha C7 Grand Pian...

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Product Description

This collection features 2 contrasting grand pianos: a Yamaha "C7" and a nine foot Steinway "D." You want it dark? You've got a Steinway. You want it bright? You've got a Yamaha. Each piano was meticulously recorded in stereo at mezzo forte and fortissimo dynamic levels.

Dennis Burns offers more detailed insight:

User Comments

"The Yamaha is indeed a bright instrument, however it is very rich sounding. The mezzo forte bank is very smooth and warm in nature. It works beautifully on a classical or new age piece of music. The fortissimo bank is very bright and could cut through a brick wall in a mix, great for rock.

"The Steinway D is another beast altogether. The adjectives I'd use to describe its sound are mature, sophisticated, round, silky and dark, with a very beautiful high end. Jazz great Art Lande played it, and he preferred it over the Yamaha. But, I've had other players say they preferred the Yamaha. Be sure to listen to the demos of these pianos and listen to some of Art's playing, he's a wonderful player! This piano was recorded at FTM studios in Denver, Colorado."

- Recording Techniques

"Both pianos were recorded into a GRACE DESIGN microphone preamp (handmade in Boulder, CO). The Grace preamp is extremely uncolored and clear as a bell making for a very transparent quality in the sampling.

"The Yamaha was recorded with AKG 414's in a figure 8 pattern. This recording pattern helps bring out the sound of the room (which sounds great with all wood floors). You won't need to slap a bunch of reverb on this piano to make it stand on its own in a solo setting; however, there is not so much room sound that you cannot add some reverb if so desired.

"The Steinway recording is a little dryer than the Yamaha but not a great deal. This piano was recorded with a pair of large diaphragm Neuman microphones to accentuate the warm, silky sound of the instrument."

Make sure your Motif has additional Memory installed because this voice bank is sample based (large file).

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory.

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