Virtual Grand Piano - Rock - Voice Bank for Motif 'Classic'/Motif ES

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Virtual Grand Piano - Rock - Voice Bank for Motif 'Classic'/Motif ES

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The piano sampled for this soundbank was a Yamaha C7, recorded in a state-of-the-art Hollywood production studio. The piano was sampled at 24-bit, 96khz, using VR sound's proprietary "binaural" recording method. This method involves the use of a dummy human head fitted with high-end audiophile microphones. This 21meg piano was recorded from the "listener's perspective" near the prow of the piano, lid open, so the lowest notes appear on the right and the highest notes on the left.

The "artifacts" of the piano sound, such as sympathetic string buzz, damper pedal noise, soundboard knock and room sound were all left intact in the DCP productions/VR Sound piano samples. Many sampled pianos have some of these artifacts removed in processing the samples, which results in a more "synthetic" or "synthesizer" piano sound, certainly not as natural and realistic.

Recorded from the audience perspective, the VR21 piano is bright, resonant, and percussive. This piano is recommended for rock, pop, r&b, country, hip-hop, any musical situation where a bright, percussive piano is required. This is a great "all-around" piano for Motif, and its manageable size will allow the Motif user room for many other sampled instruments as well, assuming that the Motif in use has a fully expanded user RAM ( at least 64 megs)

This Voice Library requires DIMM memory.

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