Pulse - Voice Bank for Motif ES/Rack ES/MO6/MO8

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Pulse - Voice Bank for Motif ES/Rack ES/MO6/MO8

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Product Description

“Pulse” is a sound library dedicated to all things “low”. The 128 new bass voices include vintage classic analog synth basses(Minimoog, Roland TB-303, Prophet 5 and more), FM (DX) basses, cutting edge electronic bass textures, sequencer basses, electric bass guitars (with amp/cabinet and microphone modeling), acoustic basses (direct and mic'd versions), Hammond organ and church pipe organ pedals, combo organ bass keys, and a collection of Rhodes PianoBass sounds. Also present are a variety of bass and low-end “drone” sounds, perfect for movie and television soundtracks, ambient, and chillout music.

The sounds in “Pulse” were programmed by veteran synth programmer Dave Polich, who has done extensive synth programming for Yamaha, Korg, Alesis and Roland.

This voice library utilizes the internal waveROM (samples) of your product and does not require any additional user RAM.

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