Studio Drums - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif ES

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Studio Drums - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif ES

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Ambient Kit

Brush Kit

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Exotic FX Kit

Funk Kit

Gretsch Kit

Pearl Kit

Slingerland Kit

VIntage 70s Kit

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Product Description

Studio Drums was conceived to answer many requests for a more comprehensive library of drums for the Motif ES. It features 32 new User Kits and 50 new drum arpeggios (including brush kit,alternative rock, metal, surf-rock, shuffle and reggae/ska arps). Kits include brush kits, ambient and room kits, hard rock and heavy metal kits, funk drumsets, GM kits,special effects kits, even a "vintage 70's style" kit of drums recorded with towels placed over the heads! The library contains almost 60MB of stereo, unlooped cymbals and gongs, including rolls,crashes, bell, ride, brush and shank hits, as well as splash and rivet cymbals. Finally, there is an assortment of percussion sounds included, such as stereo and mono hand claps, fingersnaps, tamborine hits, shakes, and rolls, and cymbal stand and hoop rim hits.

The kits and arpeggios load automatically as an ALL file. A separate file of the 50 drum arpeggios is included for backup purposes or cases where you want to build a library of kits from different sources and wish to include the user arps.

This library utilizes over 121MB megabytes of new samples, which will require adding at least 128 MB RAM to your Motif ES (it does not ship with any user RAM preinstalled). A minimum of 512MB of user RAM is recommended, in order to allow loading of additional sound libraries to your Motif ES.

The sampling and programming for "Studio Drums" was done by Dave Polich, who has been a longtime sound programmer for Yamaha, Alesis, Emu and other manufacturers.

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