Arp Manager - Yamaha Motif ES/S90ES/MO

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Arp Manager -  Yamaha Motif ES/S90ES/MO

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If you have ever worked with User Arpeggios on the Motif ES or MO 6/8, or wished you could work with User Arpeggios on your S90ES then Arp Manager is going to be the answer to your prayers.

Arp Manager is a PC application (Mac version pending) that lets you, literally, manage your User Arpeggios. By manage, we mean compile your own collections from several different sources, re-arrange them in the order you want them, and even edit them.

For S90ES users in particular, Arp Manager is especially significant since you can now take User Arpeggios created on and originally for the Motif ES, and create your own custom banks without actually having to find a friend or associate who owns a Motif ES.

You can now just open up W7G User Arpeggios files on your PC, create the bank, including names and locations, as you wish, and then save your newly created file and load it into your S90ES.

For Motif ES and M0 6/8 users Arp Manager is a life-saver too since you can now assemble User Arpeggios on your PC and are therefore not at the mercy of unknown memory limitations that can result in substantial loss of work when trying to create User Arpeggio libraries solely on the Motif ES /Mo 6/8.

Finally, this is a wonderful tool for learning how to create and use User Arpeggios. Being able to see note ranges, root notes, keys and more all-in-one window will greatly enhance your understanding of User Arpeggios, allowing greater enjoyment and use of this creative tool offered for the Motif /S90 ES Series workstations.

• Easy management of user arpeggios via drag 'n' drop .
• Writes Motif ES UserArp files (.W7G).
• Reads Motif ES UserArp and ALL files (.W7A, .W7G), S90ES ALL files (.S7A), and MO 6/8 ALL Files (.M7A).
• Displays arpeggio name, category, number of measures, number of tracks, root note, time signature, note lists, and arpeggio sizes (in bytes).
• MIDI Import feature
• Print out your whole list of the 256 User Arps on one A4 sheet of paper!
• One small .exe file, no extra DLL, no ActiveX, • no heavy install/uninstall procedures.
• For Windows 98 and above.

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