Go MO! The Instant DVD Guide to Making Music on the MO6 & 8

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Go MO! The Instant DVD Guide to Making Music on the MO6 & 8

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Great introduction to the MO6/8 Review by Beadyeyes:

When I got this DVD I pretty much watched it from start to finish with only a few breaks. What I liked most about this instructional DVD was that it gave me a clear overview of most of what the MO can do. At this point I have a good grasp about which things I want to dive into right away and which things I may never bother with.

I appreciated the fact that they explained the depth of the what the MO can do, but also were honest by saying things like "This is a very powerful concept once you have it in place, but be prepared to spend a lot of time setting it up properly."

In the manual, you learn about a function and then get an explanation of the thousands of places you can go from there . . .from there, the possibilities grow exponentionally . . .so much so that I get very confused. Instead, this DVD often says, "There are hundreds of ways you can go with this function, but here's what most people do with it and here are the steps to make that happen." Very helpful!

It was also interesting to watch the demonstrator quickly go through the sequence of buttons you have to press to perform a given task. This is going to take me a long time to master, but I could tell that I could move through processes much more quickly if I get a better feel for the key combinations.

IMHO, the first tutorial should be about storing and saving data. As I was reading through the manual (and watching this DVD), there are many warnings earlier on about the importance of storing and saving things correctly. As I was playing with the MO for the first couple of weeks I was almost afraid to go too far because I knew that if I found something I really liked, but didn't store it correctly, I'd lose it. So I forced myself to figure that out before going deeper into the MO.

This may be a dumb point, but I was less than impressed with the actors in the video. They seemed either bored or corny. Just a bit distracting.

I'd give this an "A-." It's a great DVD if you're new to the MO series and want to get a quick grasp of its power and figure out which parts of its many features are important to you.

(Posted on 8/18/2010)

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