Music Production with Motif - DVD

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Music Production with Motif - DVD

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Product Description

Music Production with Motif is a masterclass of recording techniques and approaches, both using Motif by itself and also in conjunction with several of the leading DAW platforms.

Co-hosted by Phil Bad_Mister Clendennin, erstwhile guru and fount of considerable knowledge on the Motif platform, the video looks at all the twists and turns of using your Motif for music production, i.e. recording. Beginning with how to load data into and save data from your Motif, the video then looks at Pattern recording - what it is, what it isn't - how to harness arpeggiated drums, looping, editing and much more. And this is just the beginning (see full scene list below.

In addition to using the Motif by itself, this video also looks at the major DAW platforms and how they interface and interact with Motif.

Music Production with Motif was filmed using a Motif XF but the content is 100% compatible with Motif XS. The video is 95% compatible with MOXF and 90% compatible with all of the Motif series. How come? Because the Motif sequencer engine is still very much aligned with the sequencer engine used ever since the Motif was born. All Motifs share the same basic concept of 16 Section, loop-recording style 'Patterns' and linear Songs. All Motifs share 16 track of recording. Etc etc. So, although this video was filmed through the lens of a 'current' Motif instrument, owners of all Motif models will find these words of wisdom a huge boost to their recording knowledge and music production capability.


  • File Management [Starts at: 1:06]
    What you can save and load and how to do it

  • Getting Set Up For Multi-Track Recording [Starts at 21:26]
    MIDI recording in Pattern mode

  • Recording And Editing [Starts at 37:10]
    Creating a smooth workflow in Pattern Mode

  • Understanding Arpeggios [Starts at 58:25]
    What they are, what you can do with them

  • Customizing Arpeggios [Starts at 1:08:20]
    Changing feels, editing, customizing drum loops and fills

  • Applying Arpeggios [Starts 1:29:08]
    Arpeggios for inspiration

  • Recording Performances [Starts at 1:38:20]
    Using Performances to jump start your compositions

  • Effects Explained [Starts at 1:53:22]
    System and Insert effects demystified

  • Pattern Sections [Starts at 2:04:40]
    Recording Pattern Sections.Pattern chaining

  • Mixing And Editing [Starts at 2:29:50]
    Customizing, sweetening and finalizing your mixes

  • Scenes [Starts at 2:49:22]
    What are Scenes? When and how to use them

  • Turning MIDI Into Audio [Starts at 2:57:45]
    Preparing mixes for the outside world

  • Working With Cubase [Starts at 3:11:30]
    Things you can do with a DAW: Featuring Steinberg's Cubase*

  • Working With Logic [Starts at 3:23:00]
    Things you can do with a DAW: Featuring Apple's Logic*

  • Working With Studio One [Starts at 3:35:50]
    Things you can do with a DAW: Featuring PreSonus' Studio One*

  • * Cubase, Logic, and Studio One are registered trademarks of Steinberg, Apple, and Presonus respectively.

    Format: DVD-9 (dual layer). All Region DVD
    Run Time: 3 hours 45 minutes
    Language: English

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