Full Motifation Special for Motif Classic - Download Only

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Full Motifation Special for Motif Classic - Download Only

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Product Description

Download all 4 of the Motif instructional videos.

Get Motifated Volume 1 - A Complete Introduction to the Yamaha Motif

The program covers all the basics of navigating Voice, & Performance modes, setting up Motif for multi-timbral use, applying multi-timbral effects, both Pattern and Song sequencing, and a complete guide to using Motif's sampling features from new sounds, to new grooves, to sampling in live guitar parts. With musical interludes from some monster Motif users like Mike Garsen (Smashing Pumpkins), Chester Thompson (Santana), Steve Hornebeak (Faith Hill), and others, this is a program that can both be watched right through or just dipped into when you need help on a specific topic.

Get Motifated Volume 2 - Tips, Tricks, & Techniques on the Yamaha Motif

After digesting all the information in the first Motif Video you'll be ready for Get Motifated Vol 2 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. It covers a whole raft of Motif programming and application issues from installing a new OS, how to organize your work, live application techniques (utilizing Masters, footpedals, controllers..), installing and using PLG boards, the Voice Editor and how Motif communicates with your computer, Arpeggios, and much more.

New in this program are ‘Mo-Tips,’ short segments from some of Yamaha US’s top product specialists: Tony Escueta showing you how to set up and use the Breath Controller, Phil ‘Bad Mister’ Clendeninn on syncing up internal and AN board arpeggios, Blake Angelos on programming some cool bass effects. Run time is 2 hours.

Get Motifated Volume 3 - Sampling & Recording Projects

Sampling & Recording Projects are the focus of this 2 hr 15 min video. Motif's sampling architecture is fully explained, along with re-sampling, and recording audio such as vocals and guitar.

The complete process of recording a song, from basic MIDI tracks in Pattern mode, to Song conversion, overdubbing vocals, mixing, FX offers a valuable insight not only into Motif, but also into the creative processes of recording on any medium.

Exploring Twiddly.Bits MIDI Samples on Motif

Spice up your drum programming, expand your range of arpeggios, get songwriting juices flowing.... you name it.

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