A Complete Guide to the Yamaha Motif ES - Download Only

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A Complete Guide to the Yamaha Motif ES - Download Only

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Product Description

Video of the official Motif ES DVD, produced by KEYFAX NewMedia.

Format: MP4
Run Time: 3 hours
Language Tracks: English

*Please note that this product requires access to a high speed internet connection.

This video runs just under 3 hours in length and takes you through all aspects of Motif ES from basic navigation techniques to in depth guides to using the sequencer, sampling, 'Phrase Factory' (multiple arpeggios, preset beats, and the extremely hip Loop Remix feature), and running your ES with a computer in tow for editing, control, and data archiving.

Supporting the actual footage are text boxes with hints and tips, and plenty of music to give you a good idea as to how the ES sounds and behaves in the real world.

We weren't able to persuade Ben Affleck to get to grips with either playing keyboards in general or Motif ES in particular, so the program is presented by our next best choice: Athan Billias, one of the shakers and movers behind this incredible instrument.


  • Introduction [Starts at: 0.00]
    Hello and welcome

  • Modes & Navigation [Starts at: 3.21]
    Explaining the main Modes, plus Edit, Job & File

  • Modes & Navigation [Starts at: 8.01]
    Techniques, Section buttons, data entry

  • Modes & Navigation [Starts at: 11.10]
    Choosing your sounds, Category Search, “Favorites”

  • Voice Mode [Starts at: 14.35]
    The inner workings of a single sound.

  • Voice Mode [Starts at: 18.35]
    Understanding the concept of a MegaVoice

  • Arpeggios [Starts at: 21.00]
    Choosing an Arpeggio, Arpeggio categories

  • Arpeggios [Starts at: 22.34]
    Change Timing, Performance editing, using Key Modes & Play FX

  • Arpeggios [Starts at: 30.24]
    Creating your own MegaVoice

  • Quick Edit [Starts at: 36.01]
    Using real time performance controls

  • Performance Mode [Starts at: 39.33]
    Playing Performances, creating your own Performances

  • Pattern Mode [Starts at: 59.05]
    Understanding Pattern ‘Sections’ and ‘Phrases’

  • Pattern Mode [Starts at: 1.02.50]
    Making use of the internal drum ‘Phrases’

  • Loop Remix [Starts at: 1.18.00]
    How to use it

  • Loop Remix [Starts at: 1.22.55]
    Type and Variation parameters explained.

  • Mix Mode [Starts at: 1.25.15]
    Multi-timbral Voices, using the knobs and sliders, Mix FX, setting Part FX, Voice editing, Part Edit and offsets.

  • Pattern Chain [Starts at: 1.32.20]
    Turning Pattern Sections into Songs, set-ups and recording, editing and recording mutes

  • Song Mode [Starts at: 1.37.35]
    Record set-ups, Song Jobs, quantizing, modifying data

  • Master Mode [Starts at: 1.49.45]
    Creating a Master list for live performance, MIDI master keyboard controls

  • Saving & Loading Data [Starts at 1.56.22]
    Data that needs saving externally, USB devices, what you can save, what you can load

  • Motif to Motif ES [Starts at: 2.02.27]
    Transferring sequence data from Motif to Motif ES

  • Sampling Mode [Starts at: 2.05.02]
    Sampling into Voices, Performances and Song, using the A/D input, using Loop Remix, “Sample With Note,” slicing samples

  • Sampling Mode [Starts at: 2.19.12]
    Loading WAVE/AIFF Files, slicing imported WAVE files, Sample Jobs

  • Sampling Mode [Starts at: 2.24.17]
    Sampling into Patterns, digital scratching

  • Sampling Mode [Starts at: 2.32.13]
    Sampling direct into a drum kit

  • Phrase Factory [Starts at: 2.36.35]
    A complete review using multiple Arpeggios, preset drum loops and Loop Remix

  • Computer Control [Starts at: 2.40.35]
    Remote Control of sequencers, using the Multi-Part Editor

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