Twiddly.Bits Dubstep MidiKit

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Twiddly.Bits Dubstep MidiKit

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Product Description

More than 300 cutting edge beats, loops, parts and FX in MIDI for dubstep.

Dubstep is dead easy to create… if you know what you’re doing and you have the right tools! Without both it’s a mess, and not a pretty one.

DUBSTEP MIDIKIT is a library full of drums (loops and fills), all manner of bass wobbles, synth arpeggios, pads, FX and more, that gives you all the basic ingredients you need to create this style of music.

Dubstep grew out of a fusion of styles that emerged from the London electronic dance scene in the 1990s. This is particularly interesting for Keyfax because so did we!

Earlier libraries such as MIDI Breakbeats, Hip Hop Shop, Paul Kodish’s Dangerous Drums and more recently Future Beats (from the guys who would go on to form Twisted Tools) have all influenced and been drawn on for this new library of material.

While all parts are presented in our customary .MID format, enabling you to load parts into Ableton, Cubase, Reason—whatever is your weapon of choice—for this collection we used the Yamaha Motif XS/XF as our development platform and this library is now also available in Motif XS, XF, Motif ES, MOX and MOXF Pattern format.

On the Yamaha platforms we also offer a custom Mix Voice for some of the ‘bass wobble’ parts since this is such a signature sound/part in dubstep.

This library offers outstanding flexibility and outstanding potential for creativity, both in its 'pure MIDI' and Motif Pattern formats. Even on a relatively fixed sonic palette such the Motif there is an almost unlimited number of sound, tempo, FX, and combination permutations at your disposal. A single drum loop can be re-voiced, added to, combined with other kits, given some distortion, flanging, delays… Once you start mixing and matching these with the synth parts and then throw in some bass wobbles… you’re well on your way to becoming an experienced dubstep producer.

.MID Format files

Drum (main loops) 46
Drum (fills) 56
Drum (hi-hats) 23
Bass wobbles 48
Arpeggios 31
Pitch sweeps 14
Rhythmic stabs 12
Guitar skanks 6
Organ skanks 6
Synth FX 29
Mix Sets 36
Synth intros 21

Motif Pattern format files

Drums 16
Drums 2 16
Drums 3 14
Fills 16
Fills 2 13
Fills 3 13
Fills 4 12
Hi-hats 12
Hi-hats 2 11
Wobbles 16
Wobbles 2 16
Wobbles 3 8 (Uses a custom “Mix Voice”)
Wobbles 4 8 (Uses a custom “Mix Voice”)
Arps 15
Arps 2 16
Pitchy & Sweepy 14
Stabs & Rhythmic 12
Guitar skanks 6
Organ skanks 6
FX 16
FX 2 13
Gates 10 (A guide drum loop is on Track 16)
Set 1 15 (Construction sets for mix and match)
Set 2 16 (Construction sets for mix and match)
Set 3 5 (Construction sets for mix and match)
“Pretty” set 1 7 (Sparkly pretty synth parts ideal for intros)
“Pretty” set 2 6 (Sparkly pretty synth parts ideal for intros)
“Pretty” set 3 8 (Sparkly pretty synth parts ideal for intros)

Available Formats

The file/mapping formats that come with this download include:

  • SMF [.mid]
  • Motif XS [x0p]
  • Motif XF [x3p]
  • Motif ES [w7p]
  • MOX [x4p]
  • MOXF [x6p]

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