Synthesizer Control Articulations

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Synthesizer Control Articulations

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Product Description

More than 200 User Arpeggios that provide you with a huge range of synth control ‘motifs’ from sample and hold to gate effects, 303 styling, runs and ripples, filter sweeps, modulation, pitch bends and much more.

Saved in 20 individual User Arp banks, SCA is an invaluable tool for dance producers, new-age composers, retro enthusiasts... anyone who wants to create inspirational synth-style parts on Motif.

SCA contains no less than 230 custom-created Motif User ARPs. These are grouped in handy style-specific.W2G folders that you can load straight into your Motif.

Using SCA: a Warning and a Guide!

Once you ‘get the idea’ SCA is extremely easy to use. You load up an Arpeggio bank, you apply it to a Voice or a Performance, you play it, or record it into a Pattern.... you then load up another bank, choose another Arp, and apply that to another Voice.... changing KeyMode maybe, or maybe tweaking the Play FX this time...

This is how SCA is designed to be used. It’s an amzing experience, and one that will open up countless doors, and inspire or improve countless beats and tracks.

However, if you are not familiar with Motif, or not happy about tweaking, well, much of anything, then you might want to consider whether this product is really for you.

SCA is all about tweaking. It’s a massive collection of material, of course, and many items will work on any sound, in any setting. But in order to get the most out of this product you need to get to know the difference between, say, note and controller based Arpeggio (not remotely difficult, as it happens, plus the manual gives you bags of Step By Step advice). You also need to like experimenting with different Voices, Play FX, mixes and such. This is simply the nature of the product, and the nature of Arpeggios on Motif.


303_CTLS - Single note TB-303-style patterns
BEATER - Stylized ethnic percussion patterns in triplet feel
BOUNCY - Hip-Hop styled rhythms
FILTER - Filter sweeps and effects
ELECTRO - Melodic-but-rhythmic patterns
JAQUES - Dramatic, fixed note ‘underwater’ ripples
MIX2CTLS - multiple track Arps with pitch, filter, pulsed volume FX
MOD303 - Chord based 303 style patterns
MODSQD - techno riffs
PITCH_FX - pitch bends and sweeps
SUB_CT - basslines
THEMBONZ - hip hop
WORMS - snakey, melodic lines

Memory constraints within Motif demand that User ARPs are loaded in small numbers at at time. Accordingly, SCA also comes with a complete set of .MID source material enabling users to re-compile ARP banks as they wish.


ALL_LOAD: An ALL File that loads the demo Song, Voices, and Performances
ARPSMIDI: The raw ‘source material’ MIDI data
DEMOSONG: A demo Song
KEYVOICES: 19 demo Voices
SCA PDF Full Users Manual

The Demo Song

This is a short Song recorded using just 3 or 4 arpeggios from the SCA collection. The MP3 was taken direct from Motif, and so will sound exactly the same if you purchase the product and load up the ALL file containing the demo.

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