Natural Instrumental Articulations

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Natural Instrumental Articulations

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Fiddle Dee

Guitar Strum

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Product Description

A huge collection of User Arpeggios for the original Motif ranging from guitar strums to fiddle licks from the inventors of the 'MIDI Sample,' Twiddly.Bits producers KEYFAX NewMedia.

NIA contains no less than 115 custom-created Motif User ARPs. These are grouped in handy style-specific.W2G folders that you can load straight into your Motif.


Guitars (strums, licks, & bends, and more)
Harp (glisses)
Sax (solo)
Brass (section)
Trills (general instrument)

Additionally NIA includes two keyboard ARPs:

Clavinet (riffs)
Bach Set*

ARPs in the NIA collection have all been generated by real players using controllers such as Zeta Violin, Yamaha WX7, & MIDI Guitar.

Memory constraints within the original Motif demand that User ARPs are loaded in small numbers at a time. Accordingly, NIA also comes with a complete set of .MID source material enabling users to re-compile ARP banks as they wish.


ALL_LOAD: An ALL File that loads all the demo Songs and Voices
ARPSMIDI: The raw MIDI data (115 .MID files)
DEMOSONG: 14 demo Songs
KEYARPS: 115 User ARPs
KEYVOICE: 16 demo Voices
NIA READ ME: 20 Pages of hints and tips

Use Natural Instrument Articulations to both improve your performance potential with:

Natural guitar trills,
Slides & bends
Actual Licks

and dramatically improve your recordings over many styles of music thanks to:

Nerve-tingling harp runs
Inspirational Bach motifs
Authentic guitar strumming patterns

* The Bach Set ARPs allow you to improvise 'Bach' simply by holding down random notes on the keyboard.
Want to try some of the NIA ARPS for FREE?



This file contains 3 User Arpeggios from the KEYFAX "Natural Instrument Articulation" collection © 2002 KEYFAX NewMedia.

We hope you will enjoy playing with these free examples. The full product contains 115 User ARPs plus 20-pages of written Hints and Tips.

WARNING: Loading this file will OVERWRITE any User ARPs you already have loaded.
Please make sure you have saved your own work to SmartMedia or other SCSI storage media before loading this file.

1. Copy data (on computer desktops you'll see two files: ARP_DEMs.W2G and ARP_DEMS.W3G. Copy both of them) onto your SmartMedia or other SCSI storage device.

2. Insert Card into Motif.

3. Press [FILE] and select userARP in Left Hand (File Type) screen.

4. Find the file ARP_DEMS.W2G in the Right Hand screen, highlight it and press [ENTER].

1. Select any keyboard Voice and press [F6 ARP].

2. Move cursor to the top of the screen, highlight "Pre1" (the BANK parameter) and spin the dial until it says "user."

3. Move cursor down to the TYPE parameter, and spin the dial all the way to the left until it says "Bach003."

4. Press the ARPEGGIO ON/OFF button so the light comes on, and hold down three or four notes on the keyboard.

5. Didn't know you could play so well, did you?

The other two User ARPs are a guitar strumming pattern, and a sax lick. Call up a guitar Voice, then [F6 ARP] and call up the Strum ARP. You get different patterns by holding down different numbers of notes. If you want the strum to keep going, set the HOLD [VOICE] - [F6 ARP] parameter to ON.

Similarly, call up a wind Voice and call up the Sax ARP. The Sax ARP is best played by stabbing four notes at a time.

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