Yamaha Motif XF Fully Loaded - Download Only

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Yamaha Motif XF Fully Loaded - Download Only

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Product Description

Unlocking the mysteries of loading and managing samples and sample libraries on the Motif XF, produced by KEYFAX NewMedia.

Format: MP4
Run Time: 1 hour 15 mins
Language Tracks: English

Full expose of the Motif XF’s new voice and sample storing capacity at the hands of Motif guru Dave Polich.

The Motif FX’s revolutionary Flashboard technology for sample storage is widely welcomed but it has been widely misunderstood as well.

Filmed in HD at Keyfax NewMedia’s studios, the XF Fully Loaded video lifts the lid on some of the instrument’s potentially confusing terminology (USER this and that) and shows you exactly how to manage your voice libraries on the XF platform.

In 15 bite-sized sections with handy ‘Section Recaps’ and interspersed with invaluable ‘Power Tips’, Dave Polich explains the twists, turns, and reasonings behind this incredibly power system in words of one sylable.

Key Sections are Where Sounds Are Located, Installing A Flashboard, User Memory Vs Flashboards, Loading Single Voices, Dealing With Performances, Loading Multiple Libraries, and Loading XS and EX Voice Libraries.

If you own a Motif XF, unless you work for Yamaha (and frankly even then…) this video will be crucial in understanding and harnessing the power of the Motif XF.


  • Introduction [Starts at: 0.17]
    Hello & Welcome
  • Where Sounds Are Located [Starts at: 1.33]
  • How Voices Are Made [Starts at: 10.44]
  • Saving Your Data [Starts at: 18.22]
  • Loading A Sound Library (with no new samples) [Starts at: 25.30]
  • Loading A Sound Library Containing New Samples [Starts at: 29.04]
  • Deleting Samples [Starts at: 37.05]
  • Libraries That Have To Be Saved To Flash [Starts at: 39.55]
  • Loading More Than One Library To A Flashboard [Starts at: 43.02]
  • Loading Single Voices [Starts at: 49.16]
  • Performances [Starts at: 57.28]
  • Loading XS and ES Voices To The XF [Starts at: 1.02.00]
  • Options For Saving A File Whose Samples Are On A Flashboard [Starts at: 1.07.30]
  • The Wrap [Starts at: 1.12.43]
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