Electric Grand for Motif XS

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Electric Grand for Motif XS

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Electric Grand Solo

Electric Grand Song

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Product Description

Electric Grand Piano Sound Library (S)

* Format: ALL (.XOA)
* Name: ElectricGrand.XOA
* Size: 434 MB
* Voices: 16
* Performances: 0
* Bank loads to: User Bank 4
* Other versions: Motif XF

Featuring the sound of the world’s most popular electric grand piano, the vintage 1980’s electro-acoustic Yamaha CP80, DCP productions 433MB “Electric Grand” library for the Motif XS features 14 CP voices, including a “studio” version, a detuned CP80, and CP80 through various classic effects that are often associated with it – flanger, phaser, Fairchild compressor, tremolo, auto-pan, analog tape saturation, aural exciter, amp distortion, echo, and ring-modulated. A bonus Baldwin Electropiano voice and Kawai Electric Grand voice are also included.

The goal was to create a virtual electric grand instrument that sounded and felt like the real thing, with user-adjustable components such as string inharmonics, harp resonance, mechanical key-off noise, and hammer hardness. No other electric grand sound library in existence offers this kind of control over the piano sound.

A 20-page PDF manual with color illustrations and electric grand piano history is included in the download.

“Electric Grand” uses new samples and therefore requires the installation of at least 512MB of sample RAM (DIMM’s memory) in your Motif XS.

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