Air - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif XF

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Air - Voice Bank for Yamaha Motif XF

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Product Description

Atmospherics voice library with added samples (V+S)

* Format: ALL (.X3A)
* Name: Air XF.n3.X3A
* Size: 42 MB
* Voices: 128
* Bank loads to: User Bank 4
* Other versions: Motif XS, MO, MOX

Optimized and re-mastered for the Motif XF, “AIR XF” focuses on pad sounds and atmospheric textures, suitable for any genre where these types of sounds are needed, including pop, r&b, rock, country, ambient, chillout, electronic, dance, movie and television soundtracks, games, sci-fi soundscapes, and sound design. Pads range in tone from airy, ethereal, and floating to dark, moody, and swirling. Soundscapes cover a range from eerie and dark to metallic, pulsing, and mechanized. A variety of bell and percussion timbres, and rhythmic arpeggio voices, are also presented in “AIR XF”, along with a number of new voices not found in previous versions of the library.

A special feature of “AIR XF” is the inclusion of several voices emulating sounds from the legendary Roland D-50 synthesizer, including the “famous” D-50 voices such as “Fantasia”, “Digital Native Dance” and “Staccato Heaven”. Using an actual D-50 as a reference, these emulations recreate all the nuances and behavior of the original D-50 voices.

“AIR XF” has been expanded to include approximately 42 MB of new samples and features a number of new voices not found in any other version of the library.

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