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Symphonic Suite for Motif XS, XS Rack, XF, and MOX

Symphonic Suite for Motif XS, XS Rack, XF, and MOX

Product Review (submitted on February 17, 2010):

A good and absolutely cheap voice library that includes many instruments of an orchestra.

The several violin voices sound most convincing and authentic. The cello's are irresistible real with a persuasive timbre. The clarinets, flutes and oboes are lovely and have a nice vibrato, wich approached the vibrato of the real instruments very close. Most convincing are the orchestral sounds, very beautiful deep strings and ensembles in many varieties, at least 45 voices. A little disadvantage is that some of the voices (like violin) don't use the whole keyboard , although the key range is sufficient.There's also included an easy user guide wich indicates clearly the controllers that can be used.

I didn't know this is all possible with a Motif XS! There's almost no loading time, because the voice library doesn't use new samples. I hope more relative cheap libraries like this will appear soon.

A real must-have!!!