Complete Orchestra - Voice Bank For Yamaha Motif XS

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Complete Orchestra - Voice Bank For Yamaha Motif XS

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Brass Section

Drums, Gongs, Cymbal...

Keyboards & Harp

Nutcracker Suite

Orchestral Percussio...

Rhapsody Orchestra


Solo Brass

Solo Flute, Piccolo,...

Solo Strings

Solo Trumpets

Solo Woodwinds

String Articulations

String Sections

Woodwind Sections

Xylophone and Bells

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Customer Reviews

Incredible!! Review by badgerlake:

I have been arranging and conducting for "Beautiful Music" syndication for 25 years and I can honestly say this is perfect. I can create everything with my XS8 and this library. My signature sound blending flute french horn and oboe is finally attainable here! Thank you!!

(Posted on 3/24/2011)

Worth much more than it costs Review by MidiDiva:

You just need to get this and just stop the procrastinanting. Download or get it mailed to your house but just get it. IMHO this is probably thee best string sample, brass orchestral perscussion out there. I mean there's like a bazillion horn voices, castinets...a lyre... I don't even know what that is it sounds like some musical instrument that I read about in the old testament. There's even an 1812 canon ball sound fx thrown up in there. C'mon where are you gonna find an 1812 canon on voice bank/patch anywhere? I wanted to bust out my own rendition of star spangled banner. Using this awesome voice bank with computer software (Cubase, Nuendo Sonar, blah blah) only enhances it exponentially. Of course you're always gonna have some schmoe out there thats gonna say they've played for Bill's Harmonic Orchestra and the Violin is off by1hz.. This voice bank is a solid 10 in my book and It's better than any other work stations voice/patch and can definitley rival computer software for sure. So don't just read my review and wish you had it. Do yourself a huge favor and click add to cart and just get this badboy.

(Posted on 5/24/2010)

Beautiful sounds Review by KJandKT:

Check out the Jazz flutes on this library...beautiful and expressive. The regular violin patch, pizz's and many others are beautiful as well. The instruments are very expressive...strings swell probably like they do in real life, brass attacks are authentic. Check it out. A very full library for the XS!

(Posted on 9/19/2009)

The wonderful Orchestra Review by toscanini:

i’m deeply impressed and most excited about this update, it sounds better then any other orchestral sound library that i have and i do have quite few including EastWeat and Vienna…

the Strings sound so good and realistic thanks to the brilliant sampling and the precise reverbation and stunning dynamics that makes the playing so enjoyable and diverse.
want more? change the filter cutoff a bit, play with the EQ and you can turn one patch into many other sounds to your taste.
+++ smooth melotrones and some synth strings.

the Brass sound are also very very good and realistic! the amount is huge!!! and the variety and combination\variations of the brass sounds are almost infinite and will do THE job in the studio and in live applications + killer sax voices and killer brass sections and unique chord progressions for Classical, Jazz or whatever you need! oh, i forgot the Flutes… and the mute Trumpets…

last but not least… some beautiful piano sounds mostly for Classical music and Harpsichords that were taken directly from Johan Sebastian’s work room… most powerful Choirs and for the cherry on the cream you have all the Orchestral percussion you’ll ever need in a superb quality such as every single sound on this great library.

Dave Polich - thank you so much for doing this Sir


(Posted on 8/26/2009)

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