Commanding the Motif eBook Vol. 1

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Commanding the Motif eBook Vol. 1

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Product Description

Mark Johnston is a professional writer and a passionate Motif user. His first book, Commanding The Yamaha Motif Vol 1: Recording & Editing, is a no-nonsense romp through this aspect of Motif; guaranteed to get the nervous novice up to speed in record time yet still ‘thorough' enough for the informed Motif sequencer user to pick up plenty of tips and tricks.

Mark works on a Motif ES and although the book is written primarily from this perspective, the original Motif (which Mark used to own) is fully included, with special sidebars where a button prod or screen may differ. The eBook has now also been updated to include Motif XS.

Mercifully free from jargon (Yamaha's or anyone else's), this book simply tells it like it is. Mark does not try to cover every twist and turn of the sequencer engine, preferring to get you familiar and comfortable with the main processes and techniques and leave the ‘every option' explanations for another day. And actually that day may be coming not too far hence since Mark Johnston is already planning no less than four other Motif book projects!

Presented as a series of short ‘classes' in which all of the main sequencer features are covered, Commanding The Yamaha Motif Vol 1: Recording & Editing contains excellent graphics, and works brilliantly as both an e-book (i.e. you can read it on your desktop) or of course in hard copy (you can print out the PDF if you fancy reading this type of tome in bed or on the couch).

Available exclusively through and currently in download-only format, we welcome Mark Johnston to the family of experts. An impressive debut. Go Mark!

Format: 135 pages (PDF)

Full color diagrams and screens

Delivery: Download only.

Table of Contents

• Motif Overview
• Motif Setup & Preparation
• Motif Recording 101
• Motif Recording 201
• Motif Recording 301
• Other Recording Related Operations
• Power User's Guide To Recording


• Buttons
• Screen Parameters
• Motif File Operations
• Change Instrument for Preset Phrase
• Automate Instrument Assignments
• Additional Resources

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