Yamaha i-MX1 MIDI Interface

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Yamaha i-MX1 MIDI Interface

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Product Description

A Yamaha MIDI cable that connects your iPhone or iPad to a MIDI-enabled instrument or device.

Hook up is basically idiot-proof. The interface has a multi-pin dock that clips into the iPhone/iPad (temporarily meaning you won’t be able to use external power supply of course) and you connect to your synth or device via an included 3ft cable that has two tiny plugs on one end that slot into the pin-prick sized inputs on the interface and standard MIDI connectors on the other.

Offering MIDI In and MIDI Out you can then both control your synth from a MIDI app on your iPhone or ‘play’ an instrument app from your synth.

Yamaha itself makes some cool music apps, including Faders & XY Pad, Multi Editor Essential, and Voice Editor Essential. A ‘Tenori-on’ app was also released in Aug 2011.

The i-MX1 opens up the door to a whole world of creative connectivity – recording drum patterns from an electronic drum kit, practice, recording, using the large screen of an iPad to edit your Motif sounds and endless other applications; conversely adding functionality to your Motif via a steady stream of new Core MIDI apps that come online daily.

If you have an iPhone or iPad and a Yamaha (or any other MIDI-enabled product) synth, digital piano, or electronic drum kit this is probably going to be the most empowering purchase you will make all year.

Unlike with George on Seinfeld, great things happen ‘when worlds collide.’

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