World of Motif XS - Download Only

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World of Motif XS - Download Only

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Product Description

Video of the official Motif XS DVD, produced for Yamaha by KEYFAX NewMedia.

Format: MP4
Run Time: 3 hours 30 mins
Language Tracks: English

* Please note that this download requires access to a high speed internet connection.

This video download version of the official Motif XS DVD runs at approximately 3 1/2 hours and takes you on a complete tour of the features, functionality, and just plain fun at your disposal with the 2007-released Motif XS workstation.

The Motif XS is surprisingly different from its predecessors and this program reflects its considerably enhanced performance-orientated capability.

When looking at the main Voice, Performance, Pattern & Song areas, in addition to the key button pushes and navigation the video demonstrates how each mode can be used ' and customized ' live. Using controllers, playing the multiple arpeggios, making use of the offsets, Play FX, and more are all covered in detail.

Effects are Big News on the Motif XS and the program spends more than 35 minutes looking at what you've got and how to apply them in all the major modes.

It's easy to overlook the (optional) sampling capability on an instrument as inherently 'big' as this but with sample memory safely installed, the delights of sample-based voice libraries, replacing drum voices in customized drum kits, recording guitar and more await. The video spends a good 40 minutes on these exciting possibilities.

Motif XS's sequencer is powerful and, for many people, will cover all their recording needs. But this is not an either/or situation with computer-based DAWs. The final scene looks at how to hook up the bundled Cubase AI, along with how to transfer control (and indeed files) back and forth between the two worlds of 'computer' and 'musical instrument.'

Written and presented by Yamaha Corporation of America's Athan Billias - one of the Motif series' prime shakers and movers since Day One - you could not be in better hands when it comes to discovering the world of the Motif XS.

The Motif XS shares almost all features with the 2010-released Motif XF and so this video acts as great introduction to this workstation as well. We recommend XF owners also purchase the Yamaha Motif XF Fully Loaded program. The combination of these titles - along with the Motif XS MasterClass for those seeking power-user status - will be all you need to set you in the right direction with these powerful Yamaha workstations.


A Quick Front Panel Tour
The 5 Modes
Architecture & Terminology
Patterns & Songs
The Vocoder
Cubase AI

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