Piano Realism Pack--Studio Edition for Motif XS

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Piano Realism Pack--Studio Edition for Motif XS

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Product Description

Piano voice-enhancement library

The Piano Realism Pack™ for MOTIF XS from new company Digital Studio Designs™ is an exciting new library of sounds with software and optional hardware that enhances the realism of piano voices in MOTIF XS keyboard workstations by adding new hammer, damper, pedal, and string effects. It’s an absolute must-have if you want to record an intimate piano solo from your synthesizer.

The sounds provided by the Piano Realism Pack are enhancements for existing pianos with effects and artifacts that replicate what a real acoustic piano sounds like when you play it. This library offers a number of high quality Performances and Song Mixes where you will find these new 'voice effects' in combination with Yamaha piano waveforms, such as the popular S700 and CFIII.

This combination of top quality piano waveforms plus detailed piano voice-analysis and programming has created a range of wonderfully natural and authentic sounding "pianos" that truly don't sound like digital pianos!

Pedal Power

Sound is one thing. Feel is another. The pedal is a crucially important device used in playing the acoustic piano. Digital Studio Designs has also created Piano Realism Virtual Pedal software (PC/MAC) that you install on your computer that enables your synthesizer to produce pedal and damper sounds as you press the pedal. This breakthrough lets you control 'pedal effects' with a compatible sustain pedal such as Yamaha FC3—fast or slow pedaling, the effects will respond accurately to the motion of your foot on the FC3.

In the Piano Realism Pack Studio Edition, this software requires that you remain connected to your computer. If you are playing live and don't wish to remain connected to your computer, the Piano Realism Pack Live Edition, also includes a custom, microprocessor-controlled MIDI cable that connects from your instrument's MIDI Out to your instrument's MIDI In. Thus connected, you will be able to trigger all of the Piano Realism Pack's pedal effects without any additional software or connectivity.

Keyboard 'action' on an acoustic piano

A real piano's 'action' --i.e. the mechanical devices that transfer the action of you playing a key into a hammer hitting a string--produces subtle sounds that occur between the notes: sounds from the dampers and the pedals and strings.

These sounds can be subtle; more felt than heard. But you can hear them if you listen carefully to a real piano. Without them, digital pianos always tend to sound somewhat artificial and two-dimensional. The Piano Realism Pack achieves these sounds using the powerful synthesis engine in the Motif, without having to load in additional waveforms; so conserving precious sample memory on your Motif XS.

What comes in the download

When you install the Piano Realism Pack, new Voices placed into user memory are combined with built-in (and freely downloaded) piano voices. Any third-party piano that you load into user memory can also be mixed with these ‘action sound' Voices by modifying any of the included Performances or Song Mixes. The included Performances and Song Mixes give you easy and precise control of the individual components of hammer action, damper felt, damper action, pedal, and key-off string dampening.

* User Guide: Piano Realism Pack for MOTIF XS.pdf
* All File for MOTIF XS: PRP.X0A, containing 109 Voices, 32 Performances and 32 Song Mixes.
* Demo Music

System Requirements

* S700 Piano (recommended)
* DIMM Memory (if installing S700)

Some of the things you can do with this library

* Make the piano sound more realistic and three-dimensional for a recording or live performance.
* Add body and a “woody” quality to the piano.
* Make a piano solo sound more “close-up” and intimate.
* Simulate an old piano.
* Isolate and individually control the characteristics of individual piano component parts.

With the Piano Realism Pack you can produce more realistic sounding piano solo recordings of your Motif, as well as boost your playing enjoyment.

* Some of the voices in this library are dependent on the free “S700 for XS” piano, which is not included but which is available for free download. Although the Motif XS's built-in CFIII-based pianos (e.g. “Full Concert Grand”) are stretch-tuned, the S700-based piano (“S700 for XS” from XS Sample Bank) is not. The Piano Realism Pack includes a Song Mix that stretch-tunes the piano to more accurately simulate the tuning of the S700 in the Yamaha S90ES keyboard in which this sample waveform was featured, see Song Mix #50. Stretch tuning is known to contribute to the “singing” quality of concert grand pianos.

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