The 01xperience: Inside the Yamaha 01x - Download Only

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The 01xperience: Inside the Yamaha 01x - Download Only

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Product Description

What's on offer: The 01xPerience is a full length instructional Video that details all aspects of using the 01x from set up and driver installation to hands-on usage of the product in a live recording session.

Field tested in a Nashville studio during the recording of a killer new track by solo artist Reggie Hamm (supported by a collection of top Nashville players) the 01X was used, variously, as an A/D input device, an FX processor, a mixer coordinating comps and subgroups, and a control surface for Logic, the platform used on the session.

In Los Angeles, the 01X was put through its paces in a more controlled environment in order to detail, step by step, everything from install procedures, to routings, to using some of the VST Plug-ins that come with the 01X.

Running time is almost 2 hrs 30 minutes, and scenes include a full virtual tour of the 01x accompanied by Studio Manager (highlighting the power of being able to work seamlessly in both hardware and software environments), step by step guides to setting up the 01x as a controller for all the major DAWs (PC /Mac), controlling plug-ins (native and third party), a complete button-by-button Reference Guide, and a full recording session where the 01x can be seen being put through its various paces by record producer Kent Hooper.

Major Scenes include

  • A Quick Front Panel Tour
  • Using The 01x With Studio Manager
  • Controlling DAWs
    • Cubase
    • Sonar
    • Logic
    • Digital Performer
    • SQ01
  • Channel Module & Motif Editor
  • Controlling VST and AU plug-ins
  • The 01x In Action (a live recording session)
  • Installing mLAN on PC / Mac
  • Full knob-by-knob Reference Tour

The 01xPerience was written and presented by Yamaha R&D London's mLAN guru Nick Howes (star of many a Yamaha web video short and now appearing in his first full length feature role), and Yamaha Corporation of America's Athan Billias, Director of Marketing - Technology Products, and the man behind the world-beating Motif Series synthesizers.

The program was directed and produced by KEYFAX NewMedia.

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