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Product Description

Landmark video on analog synth programming, produced by KEYFAX NewMedia.

Format: MP4
Run Time: 9 hours
Language Tracks: English

* Please note that this download comes in three separate files and requires access to a high speed internet connection.

Running almost 9 hours the program explores every voice programming and effects parameter on the world-beating Yamaha Motif synthesizers, offering unique insights into this rarely seen world at the hands of senior sound designer Dave Polich.

Although based around the Motif ES, Sound Advice translates seamlessly to any model in the Motif range (the 'Classic', Racks, MO series, or the Motif XS/XF) and indeed can be applied to any hardware or software synth platform made that employs waveforms and 'analog-style' filters, envelope generators, LFOs etc, along with the now customary basket of digital effects.

Sound Advice was originally released as a 3-disc set and is now available here as 3 'downloads.'

Download #1 explores the many ways you can edit or tweak voices and also teaches you how to create a series of 'simple' voices from scratch. This video offers a unique insight into the life of a professional sound designer, not only providing hard technical advice but also revealing some of the fascinating philosophies and approaches used by the pros.

Download #2 provides an extensive parameter-by-parameter trawl through a classic analog-style sound engine. From the waveforms and pitch parameters, to multi-mode filters, EGs, LFOs - Nothing is overlooked.

Download #3 doesn't just lift the lid on FX, it displays all of the ingredients and provides you with endless recipes for creating, plus tips on applying, digital effects.

This major work on synthesizer voice and effects programming is obviously a must-have for any Motif owner, but it will also prove invaluable to students of sound design working on other platforms.

Whether you're looking for a complete guide to the subject, or for an exhaustive set of reference materials, these video downloads provide an outstanding investment for those working with synthesizers and digital effects.

Scenes/Topics (video download #1)

Section 1
  • Introduction [Starts at: 0.00]
  • The Basics Of Synthesis: Creating A Voice From Scratch [Starts at: 3.20]
  • Decaying Sounds: An Electric Piano [Starts at 4.04]
  • Sustaining Sounds: A Flute [Starts at 29.50]
  • Sustaining Sounds: A Synth Bass [Starts at 43.50]
  • Sound Effects: A Bomb Fall [Starts at 49.25]
  • Sound Effects: An Explosion [Starts at 57.12]

    Section 2
  • Modifying Existing Sounds [Starts at 1.01.30]
  • Piano: Brightening Up (Method #1) [Starts at 1.02.27]
  • Piano: Brightening Up (Method #2) [Starts at 1.05.24]
  • Changing Basic Character of Electric Guitar [Starts at 1.07.02]
  • Simple Mods for Synth Brass [Starts at 1.12.27]
  • Pads: Adding Filter Sweep [Starts at 1.24.03]
  • Sound Effects: Adding Craziness [Starts at 1.31.18]

    Scenes/Topics (video download #2)

    Section 3
  • Introduction To Synthesizer Basics [Starts at 0.00]
  • Choosing Waveforms [Starts at 3.20]
  • Basic Pitch Parameters [Starts at 10.50]
  • Velocity & Velocity Crossfade [Starts at 18.31]
  • Pitch: Center Key, Pitch Envelope, Velocity [Starts at 20.55]
  • Filters: Types, & Basic Parameters [Starts at 45.02]
  • Filters: Velocity, and Envelope Generator Parameters [Starts at 1.11.24]
  • Filters: Filter Scaling [Starts at 1.37.37]
  • Filters: Putting It All Together [Starts at 1.47.58]
  • Amplifier: Amplifier Envelope Generator [Starts at 2.03.52]
  • Amplifier: Velocity Sensitivity, Velocity Curve [Starts at 2.15.07]
  • Amplifier: Key Follow [Starts at 2.22.22]
  • Amplifier: Amplitude Scaling [Starts at 2.28.52]
  • EQ [Starts at 2.33.47]
  • LFO: Basic Waveforms [Starts at 2.43.30]
  • LFO: Key On Reset / Delay [Starts at 2.48.46]
  • LFO: Destinations & Applications [Starts at 2.51.45]

    Scenes/Topics (video download #3)

    Section 4
  • Different Effects Types: History and Application [Starts at 0.00]
  • Parameters & Editing: Reverb [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Delays [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Chorus [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Flanger [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Phaser [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Modulation FX [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Rotary Speaker [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Distortion [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Amp Simulation [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Dynamics (Compression) [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Pitch FX [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Wah-Wah [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Lo-Fi FX [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: EQ FX [Starts at ]
  • Parameters & Editing: Ring Modulation [Starts at ]
  • Effects Routings [Starts at ]

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