Mutec FMC-07 2GB Flash Board

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Mutec FMC-07 2GB Flash Board

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Product Description

Mutec FMC-07 Flash memory expansion board for Yamaha Motif XF, MOXF, Tyros 4 and Tyros 5

This is FlashROM memory expansion board with a 2GB capacity that allows you to store and access sample data using a Yamaha Motif XF, MOXF, or Tyros 4 and 5.

The key feature of Flash memory technology is that stored sample data is retained after the instrument is switched off. Switch the instrument back on, and you will be able to 'retrieve' your samples instantly as opposed to having to wait, seemingly interminably with large files, as you do with DIMMs, which is where and how sample data has to be stored on earlier Motif, MO, and Tyros models.

With the Motif XF, MOXF and Tyros models, Flash is the only type of external memory you can use. The Motif XF has 128MB of internal memory for sample storage but this is volatile (i.e. samples will need to be re-loaded every time you power up) plus 128 is a very modest amount of capacity, especially if you want to load sample-based voice libraries.

Mutec is a well respected German manufacturer of high-end A/V products. The company uses 6-way multilayer PCBs to reduce electrical noise during data transfer. The FMC-07 is assembled with components of major manufacturers only and is 100% in-system tested with high-precision German board assembly and soldering for best possible production quality. The FMC-07 is engineered and manufactured in Germany and is 100% compatible with the Yamaha Tyros 4, Tyros 5, MOTIF XF and MOXF workstations.

Mutec created some controversy when they released their Flashboards because they also offered this 2GB capacity board when Yamaha only offered (and offers) products with a maximum capacity of 1GB.

The question asked was, simply, why? Because the instruments themselves have a set # of samples / waveforms that can be addressed and so a 2GB board won't let you address “more” waveforms than what the operating system can address.

The answer to that is this: The FMC-07 will let you store 'longer' samples and waveforms, which, typically, will take up more memory. Instances of where this would be relevant are with a large capacity library such as Chick's Mk V. This library only comprises 5 waveforms but the waveforms themselves are very large. Another instance would be if you wanted to load (potentially long and therefore large) audio/wav file 'backing tracks.'

Mutec themselves further clarify the issue by stating that "in the Motif XF you can use up to 4GB of FlashROM now. But please note, that the number of useable samples/waveforms will be not increased."

On aTyros 5, however, there are no limitations regarding the usable number of waveforms/samples so the benefits of an FMC-07 are even greater.

If you would like to view several weeks worth of posts on this subject here on's forums, please search on Mutec and several pages of posts will be revealed.

Performance of equivalent capacity Flashboards from Mutec and Yamaha would appear to be identical except for price and the Motif Shop is confident to carry both products so customers have the choice.

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