Garage Band '08 Know It All DVD

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Garage Band '08 Know It All DVD

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Product Description

Digital Music Doctor has announced the release of a new video training course, GarageBand 08 - Know It All!, covering all major aspects of audio and MIDI recording, editing, and mixing using Apple's GarageBand '08.

These tutorials are a complete guide to making music with GarageBand 08.
The What's New section covers all of the major new features in GarageBand '08.
The Quick Start section provides a grand tour of the features and functions in GarageBand and also introduces the overall process of creating a project.
The Tracks section discusses Real and Software Instruments in detail and also contains information on how to create Apple Loops and incorporate third-party synthesizers.
The Mixer section provides advice on how to use both GarageBand standard effects and third-party effects.
The Recording section covers both audio and MIDI recording including tips on how to interface external music gear.
The final section demonstrates the application of many GarageBand functions by creating a remix from imported audio tracks and loops from the Apple Loop Library.

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